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Recent changes to the way employees work will need clarity of thinking to ensure most eventualities are planned for in advance. Inevitably, it will be impossible to think of everything. We can offer support in helping to pre-empt any difficulties with remote working.

Ensuring your organisation is maximising the potential of your human capital, will be critical in ensuring you maintain a competitive edge. Our HR support packages can help ensure you have the right people, in the right roles, with the right support around them.

Remote Working Support

One of the changes that will arise post Covid 19, is more employees spending more of their working week, working remotely from their colleagues. Organisations will use technology to help facilitate ‘meetings’, but how do you ensure that everyone is happy with these new arrangements? If you ask office-based workers, if they are happy to work three days/week remotely for the foreseeable future, they will probably all tell you they are happy. But is this really the case, and will they be as productive?

The answer will certainly be a mix. Some of them will perform equally well remotely, some maybe to a higher level than before, but some will need additional support. Then there is the question of how you should approach managing staff, with very different parameters in terms of face to face contact. Most People Managers will think they know how to do this, but if they are not starting out by knowing which employees need a different type of support, it will be impossible to manage and motivate their teams effectively.

Best Talent has access to the tools that can help organisations through these tough questions, both the initial ‘analysis and profiling’ followed by the coaching and/or development activities for both managers and their teams.

HR Consulting / Support

Never more than when there is an economic crisis, do organisations need to maximise their Human Capital. This was proven true when the internet bubble burst, it was true when the financial markets crashed, and it will certainly be true during/post Coronavirus/Covid19 (2020/21), which could have an even longer lasting, deeper, and more drastic impact than previous challenges.

We can help you to create a clear picture of your future organisational design. From entry level staff, to high potentials through to the existing leadership team. Ensuring they are all in the right place, with the right support network around them.


Questions such as: Who is in the right role? Who could move roles and add more value? Who could sit at your top table in two years’ time?  How do you develop everyone to their full potential, as quickly as possible? These can be answered with the help of in-depth analysis of individuals and their teams.

Human Capital efficiency, development and future potential are CRITICAL, more today than ever before in our lifetimes.

We can help with all of the above. We will work with you to understand and isolate the critical human factors that can help your business manage the way to future success.

What Does It Cost?

Now, more than ever, each organisation will face different challenges which, in turn, will require a tailored solution. Whilst there are core elements of services, that are proven to work across various sectors and scale of business, there will always be a need to adapt each solution to the specific need and individual requirements.

Some clients prefer a project fee, others like the idea of more flexibility, so may opt for a day rate, or time and materials option.

Success Story

When the new Chief Executive started at Longleat, he set out his vision to transform the park, and bring it up to date with state-of-the-art exhibits. To achieve this would require a huge change within the organisation, including culture, systems, processes and people.

Best Talent Solutions worked as a trusted partner, directly with the Chief Executive, to help support this transformation. This project lasted in excess of three years, and included a range of specialist HR related services, including talent assessment, organisational design, talent acquisition and retention.