Career Support for Young Professionals

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the job search process is now increasingly competitive. In particular, graduates and young professionals will be significantly impacted in entry-level positions, as well as in first and second job-change level roles. These applications could become the most competitive of all. At Best Talent, our associates have decades of experience in business and recruitment, so can offer you the best career support to help you succeed. With experience in companies such as Vodafone, Mars, Hewlett Packard and Michael Page, our career advice is highly personalised, specific and successful. Of those who participated in our pilot career coaching workshop, 2/3rds went on to receive their dream job within 4 months, and 100 percent of 1-to-1 coaching participants have gained their desired position within this time frame.

Career Coaching Services

Career Support Workshop

This session takes place in small groups, and aims to leave you with the best possible chance of securing your dream first job, or to support your change from one role to another. In the workshop, we’ll cover:

Job Search Preparation

  • Goal Setting
  • Networking
  • Job Search Channels – Media, Agencies, Social Media, LinkedIn etc.


  • Your CV
  • Writing the best possible CV
  • Setting yourself apart from the crowd
  • Applications
  • Covering letters
  • Application forms

Interview Preparation

  • Background research and your work examples
  • Logistics – travel, on-line backdrop
  • The Interview
  • Face to face
  • On-line


  • Follow Up
  • Managing feedback
  • Offer management
  • Learnings

This workshop takes place over 2 sessions, usually on consecutive days, and lasting for 2 hours each. There will be ample time to ask any questions that you might have, and by the time you complete the workshop, you’ll know how to create a successful CV, prepare yourself for an interview and master follow-up. Don’t just take our word for it though, 2/3rds of participants in our pilot workshop went on to successfully get their dream position after 4 months.

At the end of the workshop you will walk away with:

  • An enhanced CV, providing you with an increased chance of being selected for a first interview.
  • A clear understanding of how to write the best covering letter.
  • Realistic interview preparation and advice that will make you prepared for the real event.
  • Plenty of advice about networking, where to find the most suitable job adverts for your job search, the best technologies and websites to utilise in your applications and research prior to interview.
  • Support on how to manage offers and feedback.
  • A network of fellow delegates, to share your experiences with.

Cost: £75 per head. Email [email protected] to enquire or sign up.

1-to-1 Career Coaching

For further career advice, you can sign up to a 1-2 hour personal session with one of our associates. These sessions are highly personalised to suit your needs and are perfect for ensuring that you’ll be the most prepared for your job search. By the time we finish our session, you can leave with a perfect CV, fully prepared for a variety of interview questions or with a clear sense of your career goals, aspirations and dream positions.

1-to-1 career coaching sessions provide all the benefits of the workshop, but tailored to your individual needs. This includes specific support for outstanding applications and interviews. Again, the results speak for themselves with 100% of participants gaining their dream position after 4 months.

For a free half-hour introductory session to explore your needs, email [email protected]

Psychometric Test and Feedback

Unsure about your working preferences and career options? Our online test will help you to understand your working preferences, and our follow up session with an associate will cover career options that best suit you. The test is done online, remotely with a 1-2 hour feedback session via video call in which we’ll explain and analyse the output from the test. Our experience in business and recruitment means that we are perfectly qualified to interpret your results and provide meaningful career advice regarding job type, size of organisation, sectors and target organisations. Email [email protected] to enquire further.


To best support themselves in their job search, many of our clients prefer to have several one-to-one career coaching sessions covering a variety of topics, ensuring that they have received all of the personalised career support that they need to succeed in their applications and interviews. As such, at Best Talent we offer a discount for support packages, fill in the enquiry form to find out more.


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Success Stories

I worked with Mike to finally take a jump in the deep end in the overcrowded pool of Marketing – landing in my dream role. As an anxious graduate in the middle of a pandemic, he truly made my dreams turn into a reality. Surpassing my expectation, he provided me with such a personal recruitment experience. Giving me clear and concise tips and tricks to put my application process at the top of the pile. Not only that, but he provided me with the knowledge to win over my interviewers – something I had many of but couldn’t quite grasp how to stay at the forefront of the company’s minds. As well as this, he provided me with support every step of the way. He was professional and knowledgeable and I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to make the next big step in their career or who are looking to develop their CV, portfolio or interview techniques.

I would say that it was a helpful and informative experience. It provided a different perspective from someone who has experience with how companies recruit that helps understanding. It provides a lot of information that seems obvious and makes a lot of sense, but that people may not necessarily think of themselves when applying. I found the entire workshop helpful. The information regarding CVs and interviews was particularly useful and offered a different perspective. Thanks,

I think the discussion around interviews was particularly good, in terms of practical tips that might seem obvious having interviewed a lot of people but definitely aren’t obvious coming straight out of school or university! I thought the ability to draw on real examples from both your and Helen’s experience made it feel a lot more tangible and relatable. A good overview of the process of applying to jobs and helped reduce some of the uncertainty that can be involved. Thanks

Mike has been instrumental in helping me secure an amazing job opportunity. Looking for a job in a pandemic is not easy, but the help Mike gave me ensured that I was able to perform at my best during the interview process. Mike did this by looking at my CV as well as the job description, from this he came up with questions that I might be asked during the interview, as well as ideas about questions that I should ask the interviewer. This meant that during the interview I felt relaxed and confident, which ensured I was able to give it my best shot and stand out from the other candidates. Thanks again Mike!

Wow, thank you so much for all of that research and for following up with your contacts, it’s extremely kind of you! It’s been a bit of a busy week again, the practice I applied to on Monday morning, invited me for an interview which I had this morning (the last couple of days was me frantically getting the rest of my work into a portfolio for that) and they’ve offered me the job!! Starting next Wednesday! A bit of a whirlwind week!!! Thank you so much for all of your help! Best wishes,

The most useful part of the workshop was the interview skills/preparation – it was really useful to have an insider perspective toward the interview process and also all the tips that came with it; such as the background when on Zoom/Teams make a difference (I wouldn’t of thought massively about that previously!!) The workshop was super helpful, covered a wide range of information that flowed nicely from the CV to toward post-interview/and rejection, and had many insightful tips and experiences that help to provide further help toward successfully applying and getting a job. Thanks,