Career Coaching Testimonials

Learning about the power of LinkedIn and networking more broadly. I had always assumed that this was something that naturally came a few years down the line. Two very informative sessions which extensively covered the job application process. A good insight for someone looking to begin their career with some invaluable bits of advice from an experienced recruiter. Thanks,

Mike has been instrumental in helping me secure an amazing job opportunity. Looking for a job in a pandemic is not easy, but the help Mike gave me ensured that I was able to perform at my best during the interview process. Mike did this by looking at my CV as well as the job description, from this he came up with questions that I might be asked during the interview, as well as ideas about questions that I should ask the interviewer. This meant that during the interview I felt relaxed and confident, which ensured I was able to give it my best shot and stand out from the other candidates. Thanks again Mike!

I found that the sessions being interactive was very useful, as it allowed questions to be answered as we went making it relatable to everyone despite having different career paths. It really helped with understanding about becoming the 1% to stand out when applying for jobs, and how to prepare properly for interviews. Thanks

I think the discussion around interviews was particularly good, in terms of practical tips that might seem obvious having interviewed a lot of people but definitely aren’t obvious coming straight out of school or university! I thought the ability to draw on real examples from both your and Helen’s experience made it feel a lot more tangible and relatable. A good overview of the process of applying to jobs and helped reduce some of the uncertainty that can be involved. Thanks

Mike helped me finesse my CV so that it really highlighted my career achievements and would stand out from the crowd. Having been in a job for 5 years since school, I was pretty nervous about an interview. We went through the job description, Mike asked potential questions and we discussed the answers and examples I could give. It was hugely beneficial, I walked into the interview prepared and as confident as I could be. 1 interview, 1 job offer… Thank you so much!

I thought the cv information was really interesting as I had not been aware of many of the things you could do with a cv e.g. storytelling. I also thought the tip on following up an application with the company will be really useful because I have never done this before. A really informative workshop, which taught me lots of helpful tips and tricks to improve my performance during the job hunting process. Thanks,

The most useful part of the workshop was the interview skills/preparation – it was really useful to have an insider perspective toward the interview process and also all the tips that came with it; such as the background when on Zoom/Teams make a difference (I wouldn’t of thought massively about that previously!!) The workshop was super helpful, covered a wide range of information that flowed nicely from the CV to toward post-interview/and rejection, and had many insightful tips and experiences that help to provide further help toward successfully applying and getting a job. Thanks,

I would say that it was a helpful and informative experience. It provided a different perspective from someone who has experience with how companies recruit that helps understanding. It provides a lot of information that seems obvious and makes a lot of sense, but that people may not necessarily think of themselves when applying. I found the entire workshop helpful. The information regarding CVs and interviews was particularly useful and offered a different perspective. Thanks,

The most useful aspect of the workshop came through the support given regarding assessments and interview tips. The information regarding questions that I could potentially ask employers at the end or during the interview was extremely helpful and definitely something I would look to incorporate if given an interview somewhere. Furthermore, I also found studies and research that you included very interesting, e.g. the use of standing up while on a telephone interview to increase energy levels. Very insightful, with key information and tips which will no doubt improve my employability chances. Thanks,

Wow, thank you so much for all of that research and for following up with your contacts, it’s extremely kind of you! It’s been a bit of a busy week again, the practice I applied to on Monday morning, invited me for an interview which I had this morning (the last couple of days was me frantically getting the rest of my work into a portfolio for that) and they’ve offered me the job!! Starting next Wednesday! A bit of a whirlwind week!!! Thank you so much for all of your help! Best wishes,

I have already said to my Mum and Dad that I felt privileged to be involved in this pilot workshop. Even just to be in a call with people all in the same position and to hear you and Helen give advice was really reassuring and useful. Thanks,

I worked with Mike to finally take a jump in the deep end in the overcrowded pool of Marketing – landing in my dream role. As an anxious graduate in the middle of a pandemic, he truly made my dreams turn into a reality. Surpassing my expectation, he provided me with such a personal recruitment experience. Giving me clear and concise tips and tricks to put my application process at the top of the pile. Not only that, but he provided me with the knowledge to win over my interviewers – something I had many of but couldn’t quite grasp how to stay at the forefront of the company’s minds. As well as this, he provided me with support every step of the way. He was professional and knowledgeable and I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to make the next big step in their career or who are looking to develop their CV, portfolio or interview techniques.

Hi Mike, I have some good news! KPMG have offered me a job on their ‘People Consulting Graduate Scheme’ starting September in London. It was all a blur suddenly getting notified about a numerical test followed by the online assessment centre shortly after (last Wednesday). The notes which I had taken during the workshops were invaluable, together with the confidence you gave me. I can’t thank you enough. Best wishes