Demo Page

This is a page to demonstrate the new functionality that can be added to the Home Page and/or other pages to show the “blog” functionality and the user sign up functionality.

Please note that the term “blog” is purely used as a generic term for the functionality where you can display “posts” of information.  The latest “post” will always be displayed as below, and this could easily be added to the Home page as a section (for example, below the three blocks, or the clients section, or the testimonials).

You can determine what you want to call this.

There is also an index of the “blog posts” which can be viewed here:

And from that index, or from the single (most recent) post below, you can then click through to see the “full post” which is on a dedicated page.  This allows you to have a specific URL which can be linked and shared via Social Media, emails etc.

From each post, the viewer can then navigate through other posts.  If you scroll through the various posts you will see some of the formats available.

With some training, you can be given access to manage all the post content.

SignUp Form

This is the new “sign-up form” which can be used on the site.  It is designed to add a new “user” to two places.  The first place is is adds them to a contact list in a tool called MailChimp which is one of the foremost newsletter tools.  It allows free use for a certain volume of contacts, as well asa restricted volume of “newsletters”.  It is unlikely that you will reach the “caps” that require a fee, but if you do, it is likely at that stage that the fee will be justifiable.

As with the Blog functionality, please do not think of it purely in terms of a Newsletter system.  That is the generic term, but it can be used for any form of contact management, such as notifications of new workshops, notifications of new posts etc etc.

Key considerations prior to going live are whether you want to:

  1. Capture any additional information about the people who sign-up (address, gender, etc)
  2. Allocate sign-ups to specific contact “lists” – i.e. “Young Professionals” or “Executives”

Capture of additional information allows for better targeting of future content communication, but you ideally want to minimize the fields of data that you ask for.  The simpler the form, the more chance that someone will complete it.

You will be able to manage the contact list (audience) as well as manage what and when you want to send them information.

In addition to adding the signed-up user to a the Mailchimp contact list, this form also adds the user to your website user base.  Whilst we are not using the functionality at this stage, this will allow us in future to make certain content accessible only to people who have signed-up.  For example, certain course content, helpful hints, or other elements that can be on the site but protected.

In future it would also be possible to make this part of a paywall function, where users only get access if they pay a ‘membership’ fee, which could be a one-time fee, or an annual subscription.

Contact Form

This is simple contact form